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Yoga Teaching

I want to start by honoring that this is a 5000+-year-old practice that originated in Northern India about oneness or unity, to connect our mind, body, and spirit with universal consciousness, or nature. Yoga goes beyond asana, or the body's practice. It's a way of life. It is a daily set of values, beliefs, actions, emotions, thoughts, and intentions that allow us to go deep within ourselves to develop connectedness and love.

Asana practice is however the physical expression of yoga where we are able to use the breath to clear out our energy centers and channels, clear our minds, and get further in tune with our true selves, our spirits, and prepare ourselves for the way of life that is yoga. 

I combine yoga and meditation, with a focus on: body alignment, flow, chakra opening, and pranayama (breath) to create a container and one-to-one services that help you reach a state of oneness and love for the wholeness that already exist within you. 


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