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ThetaHealing® is a life changing technique that was created by Vianna Stibel in 1995 to heal her after a 9 year long battle with a tumor in her leg. Thetahealing is instant and deep. I go into a theta brain wave state and help you reach rooted limiting beliefs that have and can hold you back from living for your highest and greatest good. Through meditation and a deeper connection with Source energy, (the energy of all that is), together we will clear negative thoughts that you hold on all levels. It rewires your DNA so that those negative thoughts are transformed into positive, life changing ones. You will no longer find trauma, pain, anger, anguish, resentment, guilt, depression taking over your life. Instead, you will be able to reshape your life into a new way of being, where you are able to make new decisions that create a deeper, more powerful impact on your daily life. 


"Change your beliefs, and you'll change your thoughts.

Change your thoughts and you'll change your habits.

Change your habits and your life opens up to unlimited possibility."

                               - Gail Lynn Goodwin



Clear Limiting Beliefs

Release Your Body, Mind, & Spirit from Trauma

Create an Abundant Mindset

Create More Opportunities in Your Life

Create Better Relationships With Self & Others

Align Better To Your Life Purpose

 Manifest Quicker and More Proficiently 

Remove Lack Mentality for Good

Awaken Your Inner Power


What To Expect

We will conduct deep belief work where I will dig into beliefs and experiences from, and about yourself, your childhood, your family history, and your lifetimes. 

I will start the session with an intuitive scan of your whole body. This is none intrusive and only to see if there are any internal health issues or energy blockages. 

I will always ask for your permission before changing any negative belief or doing any healing. 

I will try be as communicative as possible on anything  that I'm sensing or feeling from our session. 

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