Tarot is a resource not the source!

My approach to tarot is a bit nuanced. It's practical, thorough, and honest. It can and will lead you to having a better understanding of your growth and healing journey. It's meant to be used as a resource not the source to your life. In other words, my readings aren't a replacement for your own beliefs, actions, thoughts, and mindset. You don't like the upcoming energies coming up for you in the reading? You always have a choice to change what you are doing now, to move in a different direction!  My readings aren't doom and gloom either. I will never tell you what you must do or what must happen. Life is never black and white; and neither are my readings! Ultimately, how YOU decide to operate after hearing the messages, will dictate how your life will go.  

If you would like a reading from me, you are fully and 100% committed to your spiritual path and are ready to hear what can lead you to taking positive steps forward!