Tarot is a resource not the source!

My approach to tarot is a bit nuanced. It's practical, thorough, and honest. It can and will lead you to having a better understanding of your growth and healing journey. It's meant to be used as a resource not the source to your life. In other words, my readings aren't a replacement for your own beliefs, actions, thoughts, and mindset. You don't like the upcoming energies coming up for you in the reading? You always have a choice to change what you are doing now, to move in a different direction!  My readings aren't doom and gloom either. I will never tell you what you must do or what must happen. Life is never black and white; and neither are my readings! Ultimately, how YOU decide to operate after hearing the messages, will dictate how your life will go.  

If you would like a reading from me, you are fully and 100% committed to your spiritual path and are ready to hear what can lead you to taking positive steps forward!

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Amelia Isabel Torres

Ashley is a formidable tarot card reader! I have been lucky to experience several readings with her over the years, and each time her ability to channel gets clearer and stronger. If you need clarity on any problem in your life, Ashley will literally cut through the BS to give you the reading you need for YOUR path. She's amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough!


Ravelle Mantoura

I have been to a multitude of psychics, tarot readers throughout the years (8+) and I have never been more impressed than with Ashley’s readings. She is very intuitive and can pick up on patterns in your life easily that might make you feel stuck, stagnant etc. What I also love about her readings is that she doesn’t form too strong opinions when she tells you what paths you can take; which is so important! It can be very easy for a psychic to scare someone and manipulate them into decisions based off fear. Ashley is so warm, open, and empathetic throughout her readings; and it really resonates with me. Highly recommend everyone to get a reading with her, you won’t regret it. She’s the real deal!


Madeline Vu

Ashley is a truly gifted reader and intuitive. She’s led tarot workshops for my community and private readings for myself and close friends. Ashley reads with clarity, purpose, and connection. Her messages always make you rethink your belief systems or reframe things in a new light. Ashley is my go-to when I feel stuck or want to check-in with my higher self, unfiltered. She’s the kind of the reader that supports people’s paths for deep work and continued growth. I’m so grateful for her!