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Reiki emerged in Japan in the 1800s. As a reiki healer, I use my hands to channel qi, or "universal light energy", to attune the body's energy centers. It works to relieve pain and remove trapped negative energy in all points in the body. But, I mainly target my healing to clear the seven main energy points, aka the chakras. I do distance and in person healing, if I am in your area. With every reiki session, I include a reiki oracle reading using the Anna Eva Jahier oracle deck, at the end. 


Relieves Pain

Feels Refreshing, Relaxing, and Restful

Removes Energy Blocks

Relieves symptoms of stress

Grounds the body, mind and spirit

Releases Tension

Zen Stones

What To Expect

You may feel body tingles, mild spasms, see colors, lights, and/or have visions during the session

I don't physically touch any of my clients but I will put my hands over the seven main chakra points (starting from the top of the head to the feet)

1-3 days after a session, you may noticed increased symptoms of: fatigue, disrupted sleep, muscle aches, cold like symptoms, and/or mood swings. 

Each session will include a reiki oracle reading towards the end.

At the beginning of each session we will have a few minutes to go over what you would like to get out of it

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