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Holistic Healing

Healing is so much more to me than fixing symptoms. It's about having an awareness for the root problem, clearing the limiting beliefs associated, and removing the negative energy trapped inside the body. As a Reiki Master, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, and ThetaHealer®, I help facilitate your holistic healing. My practice helps you remove the imprints on all levels, using these different modalities; so you can feel, think, work, and be the best version of yourself.

Therapy Room


Removing energy blockages in the body and its energy centers to release your body from feeling pain, trauma, and stress. 

Theta Healing®

Helping you clear limiting beliefs at the cellular level; so that you can start manifesting and creating the life that you desire. 

White Plants
Buddha Statue

Mindfulness Meditation

Guiding you into the present moment to help you let go of judgement for yourself, your circumstances and others; so that you can feel, think, and be more relaxed.

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