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Wellness is getting increasingly more popular in today’s world. For good reason! The pandemic has been an extremely harsh eye opener. The way we were functioning beforehand, just wasn’t sustainable. And, we were masking a lot of inner pain and discomfort with business and distraction. In a KFF study, 41% of people have reported that they struggle with anxiety and depression. This was compared to just 11% pre-pandemic.  Therefore, managing wellbeing and wellness is necessary to help people cope better and sustain in these trying times. 

Companies that focus on wellness are likely going to find their employees more engaged, happier, and productive at work. Plus your employees will be positively impacted by their employers' contribution to their wellness. In fact, in a Businesswire study, 59% of employees said exactly that.  

I want to help you make and sustain that positive impact!


Let's partner together so I can share my healing services with your employees. They will learn how to cope better and live, move, and feel happier through my spiritual wellness tools: yoga movement, breathwork, thetahealing and meditation.  Let's get your employees to a place where they come to work refreshed, rejuvenated, and at their best, to give their best!

My Corporate Story

I worked in London and Sydney in a global bank for 5 years. At my final role in the company, I worked for a team that was extremely toxic for me. I was overly gas lit, talked down to, and I felt that I could never do "enough" for the team. I constantly felt like I was on a hamster wheel with financial perks and promotions as the carrot dangling in front of me. I just kept running and hoping to get a bit further and further along, without actually getting really anywhere. Towards the end of that job, I actually reached out to upper management as a cry for help, but nothing was truly done to solve the problems in the team.  In fact, the advice was to "care less" until I could find a way out, either through another role within the company or externally. 

I often cried before, during, and after work. I would eventually experience panic attacks everyday. Then, and only then was there an intervention to step in and help me with my health and wellbeing. By that point, I had been suffering far too long, and I quit due to all the stress, shortly after being put on an extended medical leave. 

What I learned from this experience was that: it should have never gotten this far. If the company had been more mindful of my wellbeing, and cared to do something sooner rather than later, I may not have experienced daily panic attacks. It should have been a vested interest for the company and the team. I've noticed that the better the company, the team, and upper level management take care of their employees, the better their employees will feel, and the more value they can, in turn, provide. And, the better their employees can work well together, more productively and creatively. 



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