My Story

I started my spiritually healing journey in 2016. I moved to Australia from London, left a 4 year relationship, and started a new career. I never thought that year would start a journey that led to me healing, and eventually, sharing my gifts as a healer; but, here we are. Something in me changed back then. I no longer could live in a survival mode mentality. I no longer could ignore my deep depressive thoughts, anxiety, and mask them with distraction and alcohol. I didn't want to live to survive, I wanted to start thriving each and every day without the need to block or forget. 

Luckily, I found healing in yoga and tarot first; and then started exploring other healing modalities. Through this journey of spiritual discovery, I have healed and grown in major ways on a mind, body, and soul level. I found this holistic growth completely changing the way I processed my professional life, my relationships, and my own life experiences. I began to take full responsibility over my actions, thoughts, and feelings; and it gave me more control over my life. It also helped me to become happier and healthier. 

I started to grow my intuitive gifts, live more authentically, and realized what my purpose in life was: to be a healer and facilitate others to live happier and healthier lives too! My hope is that my work can help create a world filled with people living more authentically, thriving more intentionally, and growing holistically. 

Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer®, Mindfulness Meditation Coach & Yoga Teacher

Thoughtful Thorough
Tarot & Healing

Committed to happier and healthier living?


Mission For My Practice

Helping you live more authentically, thrive more intentionally, and grow holistically.

My mission is to partner with those who are committed to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth.


1. Interpreting timely tarot messages you need to hear, in order to help you learn what type of work is needed for each area of your life.

2. Teaching yoga asana practice, derived from ancient India, that will focus on:

a. Alignment

b. Grounding; and

c. Having a more present awareness to your environment, your breath, and your body.

3. Helping you remove limiting beliefs and/or energy blockages from your body, mind, and soul through a combination of ThetaHealing(R) and Reiki, derived from 19th century Japan.

4. Guiding you through meditation and mindfulness practice. 

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What Clients Say

"Ashley is a formidable tarot card reader! I have been lucky to experience several readings with her over the years, and each time her ability to channel gets clearer and stronger. If you need clarity on any problem in your life, Ashley will literally cut through the BS to give you the reading you need for YOUR path. She's amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough!" 

Amelia Isabel Torres

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